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Terra Trike

# 1 Terra Trike Dealer of 2021!

We have been selling Terra Trikes here at Lincoln Ave since 2010.  We offer sales and full service on all models even installation of Bosch electric assist motors. Adventure Local or explore new places. With a wide variety of models you can choose your own path. Feel free to browse our in stock options. Click the link below for our catalog of Trikes and Accessories.

Explore New Places

Adventure local

Pick Your Own Path

TerraTrike E.V.O.
Electric Assist E.V.O. TerraTrike's latest Electric Vehicle Option, the ...
TerraTrike Rover Tandem
TerraTrikes Built for Two TerraTrike tandems are a safe and easy way to ...
TerraTrike Charge
Amplitude for All Entry level has never before brought so much value.  The...
TerraTrike GTS
$2,999.99 - $3,349.00 $3,349.00 - $3,499.00 Up To 14% Savings
Grand Touring In Aluminum Excellence. Take off and go the distance in ou...
TerraTrike Traveler
A trike you can take almost anywhere. The Traveler is a folding trike de...
TerraTrike Gran Tourismo - Arctic Blue (Sp. Edition)
Command the Road in Style and Comfort! The Gran Tourismo is alluringly sop...
TerraTrike Rambler
This second-generation Rambler is destined to become a TerraTrike best sell...
TerraTrike Maverick
Leisure On Three Wheels Experience cycling freedom on the Maverick, an ent...
TerraTrike Heel Support Pedals w/ Straps
This pedal set is perfect for the rider that needs ankle support in a compl...
TerraTrike Adjustable Handlebars
TerraTrike's adjustable handlebars allow the rider to customize the handleb...
TerraTrike Chain Gobbler 2 (for E.V.O. - Bosch)
Do you share your TerraTrike E.V.O. - Bosch with other riders? The Chain Go...
TerraTrike Chain Gobbler 3
Why sacrifice comfort and performance when a TerraTrike is shared amongst m...
TerraTrike Rear Rack
The TerraTrike Rear Rack provides additional storage options for your trike...
TerraTrike Wide Handlebars - Rover/Rambler/Traveler
The Wide Handlebar option made especially for the Rover offers comfort and ...
TerraTrike Market Pannier
These great bags are the perfect size to put a full bag of groceries in. Th...
TerraTrike Seat Extender
The Seat Extender will allow for taller customers to now enjoy any TerraTri...
TerraTrike Comfort Pedal Conversion Kit
The TerraTrike Comfort Pedal Conversion Kit is a great safety addition for ...
TerraTrike Dual Brake Lever - Left Hand
This dual control brake lever, which is a single lever that actuates both b...
TerraTrike Dual Brake Lever - Right Hand
This dual control brake lever, which is a single lever that actuates both b...
TerraTrike Low Rider Rack Fit Kit - Rover
Secure your Low Rider Rack with these trike specific mounting kits. Sold se...